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Selleys RP7 Multi Purpose Lubricant 300g 422ml

Selleys RP7 Multi Purpose Lubricant 300g 422ml

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Selleys RP7 Multi Purpose Lubricant 300g 422ml


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Selleys RP7 is a multi-purpose lubricating and penetrating spray which displaces water and inhibits corrosion


Features :

Stops annoying squeaks

RP7 displaces moisture

Loosens rusty and sticky parts

Protects against rust and metal corrosion

Cleans off grime

Starts wet motors

Will not adversely affect rubber, paintwork or most plastics


Where can this product be used?

Penetrates and lubricates – rusted metal parts, nuts and bolts, hinges, mechanical parts

Repels moisture from – distributors, spark plugs, relays, wet engines

Eliminates noisy squeaks from – doors hinges, moving parts, wheels, toys, chairs, bicycle chains

Penetrates to allow movement – locks, tools, zippers, gears

Protects against corrosion – instruments, tools, bikes, rods and reels, metals, garden tools

Cleans most surfaces and removes – grime, adhesives, tar and gum, fingerprints


What materials is this product suitable for?







Magnesium alloys


Rusted parts 

Weight(KG): 0.300


Package Includes :

1 X New Selleys RP7 Multipurpose Lubricant 300g 422ml

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