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Sparkle Pro

Nano Sparkle Pro Car Bike Nanotechnology Liquid Ceramic Coating Spray 500ml

Nano Sparkle Pro Car Bike Nanotechnology Liquid Ceramic Coating Spray 500ml

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Nano Sparkle Pro Car Bike Nanotechnology Liquid Ceramic Coating Spray 500ml



 For Car Motorcycle Bicycle Spaceship Aeroplane Bikes etc

SPARKLE PRO Car Liquid Ceramic Coating Spray is also known as nano coating spray, is a 9H hardness

ceramic coating Spray that not only keeps your car body shine but also provides a layer of protection

against UV sun light, acidic rain, aging, environment dust and scratches.


Key Features :

9H hardness coating provides strong protection

against sunlight, rain and scratches.

Super hydrophobic glass coating so that body does

not trapped water droplets when it rains.

Easy to apply and applicable to all bodywork at anytime and anywhere.

Improve car body shine brightness and Hydrophobic effect.

Saves you a lot of maintenance costs and time, you can quickly clean the car.


Technical Specifications :

Type: Car Liquid Ceramic Coating Spray

Material : Nano materials such as polysiloxane

Hardness : 9H hardness

Coating thickness : 30um

Gloss : Excellent high gloss effect, similar to mirror gloss

Anti-corrosion : PH tolerance: PH2-12

Heat resistance : Up to 760 degrees

Consumption : 30ML x2 (per usage). For 500ml

bottle, this means can use up to 10x.


Instructions :

Avoid applying ceramic coating under direct sunlight, instead choose a cool place. This will help to prevent

the ceramic coating from drying too fast which will leave a water stain mark.

Clean the car body before applying the coating. Car can be washed or just simply wipe down to remove

dust on the body. You do not want such dust or else in applying the coating it may introduce new scratches.

Wipe the car dry before applying coating.

Plan your coating sequence, suggest to start with the roof, then the front, follow by both sides and the back.

Get ready wax sponge and micro-fiber cloth.

Apply only a thin layer of ceramic coating using the wax Sponge or micro-fibre cloth. Use a micro-fiber

cloth to buff the coating over the car body in Up-Down and left-right direction.

Give it about 5 to 10 minutes to dry after coating.

Check the coating and if requires a second layer of coating, repeat the same step.

Do not wash car within 24 hours to let the coating fully cured on the car body.


Package Includes :

1 X New 500ml Bottle

1 X New Cloth

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