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1000ml Snowman White Paint Tech Wash & Shine Car Shampoo Thick Foam For Motorcycle Car Lorry Van Pick Up Etc

1000ml Snowman White Paint Tech Wash & Shine Car Shampoo Thick Foam For Motorcycle Car Lorry Van Pick Up Etc

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1000ml Snowman White Paint Tech Wash & Shine Car Shampoo Thick Foam For Motorcycle Car Lorry Van Pick Up Etc


⚠️ Note 🌟 Specially designed for white paint 


🤩 This product has also been tested on a Lotus and a white continental car, leaving it shiny and clean. The results are especially appealing to individuals who appreciate a pristine and attractive vehicle  ❤️


Most of you might think owning a white car is more difficult to keep clean. To get your car extremely bright & glossy, waxing seems to be a routine work out. Snowman Magic 101 Glo-White totally make over your detailing experience easier!

Neither waxing or polishing, its specially formulated to keep your white-coloured car looking gleaming all year round

Our heavy-duty, yet totally safe & biodegradable miracle Snow White Supa Wash & Shine pretty much works on the stubborn stains that you can imagine! Contains Non-Bleach Formula which can dull & fade your car finish and anti-rust agent for overall rust prevention. Snowman Pro Strength Supa Wash & Shine is suitable for use on all white paint finishes such as solid white, pearl white, snow white pearl, calcite white, candy white etc


Easily clean your valuable vehicle with our 1000ml Thick Snow Man White Tech Wash & Shine Car Wash, suitable for all types of vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, lorries, vans, and pick-ups

Simply add a few capfuls to a pail bucket of water and start cleaning for maximum efficiency and savings. Trust the expertise of our product to achieve a professional and thorough clean without breaking the bank


Specifications :

PH Balance 

Provide Waterproof Effect

Provide Extra Shining Effect

Suit For All Coated Car / All Car Vehicles Use

Safe & Easy Use

Premium formula gently foams away dirt and grime

Spot-Free, Brilliant Shine

Very Thick, powerful suds remove tough dirt and grime

Super lubricating formula prevents swirl marks

Anti-rust protection & powerful suds formula to remove tough dirt & grime


This Snow Tech - Wash, Wax & Shine is a rich and luxurious product designed to both wash and Wax in one easy step. Its premium formula gently foams away tough dirt, road grime and contaminants without compromising wax protection. It also blends the finest shampoo and premium ingredients to deliver exceptional results

Embraced by discerning car enthusiasts worldwide, continues to set the standard for automotive care. It gently foams away dirt and grime, while wax and its shampoo reveal color and clarity. This Ultimate Shampoo makes the best results for the ultimate satisfying car wash experience

This clean rising formula reduces the saturation of dirt into your paintwork, benefits include reduce drying time; provide a spot-free, brilliant shine without leaving behind soapy residue that can dull the paint finish

Snowman Tech - Wash & Shine is completely biodegradable and will not strip wax. Contains anti rust agent for overall rust protection and it is safe for all finishes


• Effectively remove ground-in dirt & stains

• Remove yellowish oxidation-layer of white paint

• 1 step wash & whiten. No waxing or polishing for your car

• Anti-rust & powerful suds formula

• Suitable for all white paint colour


Direction of use:

For best result, use 200ml (1/2 coffee mug) car shampoo with ½ pail (1.5 Liter) water 

-Rinse car to remove loose dirt

-SHAKE WELL to mix well the concentrated shampoo

-Dilute wash & wax shampoo in a clean bucket

-Always wash with car surface in cool condition. If you are washing in a hot day, rinse frequently

-Wash car with sponge or soft cloth

-Rinse car with water & wipe dry. Horizontal surfaces and glasses may require some wiping.

For best Results: Use on a cool car, preferable under shade.


Usage Precaution:

EYE IRRITANT. Avoid contact with eyes. FIRST AID: EYES - Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, call a doctor. SKIN - Rinse with water after use. IF SWALLOWED - Drink a glassful of water. Call a doctor. KEEP OUT Of REACH OF CHILDREN. Keep from freezing


Package Includes :

1 X New 1 Liter Of Snowman Car Wash Shampoo 

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