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1 Din CarPlay 5 Inch Bluetooth Mirror Link Wide Touch Screen Screen USB Mp3 4 5 Window CE Car Audio FM Radio GPS Car Play Unit

1 Din CarPlay 5 Inch Bluetooth Mirror Link Wide Touch Screen Screen USB Mp3 4 5 Window CE Car Audio FM Radio GPS Car Play Unit

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1 Din CarPlay 5 Inch Bluetooth Mirror Link Wide Touch Screen Screen USB Mp3 4 5 Window CE Car Audio FM Radio GPS Car Play Unit 


⚠️ Note 🌟 To better understand this product, reference the last picture for a video demonstration


The system is Window CE. Not Android.

This SW160C version supports CarPlay and Android auto functions!


⚠️⚠️Carplay and Android auto connected by wired usb. 

⚠️⚠️ Bluetooth just for call and playback 


Special Features :

- CarPlay & Android Auto

- Mirror Link

- FM Radio

- Bluetooth 5.1

- Reversing Camera support

- Steering wheels control learning 

- Seven color button light can be switched at wish

- USB multimedia playback

- USB dedicated charging


CarPlay Functions :

- CarPlay allows you to intelligently and safely use iPhone features while driving. You can open navigation, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to your favorite songs.

- Compatible with all iPhones. ⚠️⚠️Connect your phone via the front USB port.


Android Auto Function :

- Connect your Android phone to the car's screen and the screen instantly displays your Android app. You can tap the screen to get driving directions, send text messages by voice, or even make phone calls.

⚠️⚠️- To use Android Auto, you need a phone running Android 6.0 or higher and an active data cable connection. It can only be used when the mobile phone has a complete Google framework service and can connect to the Google website.


Mirror Link Function :

- Compatible with Android and iOS system, sync phone screen to screen.

1. Connect the iPhone to the USB cable to cast the screen.

2. When the Android phone is connected, it will prompt to install the APP software on the mobile phone. After the connection is successful, touch control can be realized on both the mobile phone and the car screen. Then after connecting to Bluetooth pairing, the sound can be transmitted synchronously.


Colorful Button Lights :

- 7 colors button lighting. 

- Red / green / blue / cyan / purple / yellow / white can be set to either or automatically transform.


New Upgrade Bluetooth :

- Bluetooth 5.1

- High-speed and stable transmission, music calls are not stuck, and calls are clear and low-latency.


Reversing Video Assist :

- When the car is in reverse gear, the full-screen reversing image is automatically switched, which is safe and worry-free.

- Support AHD Camera. Camera is optional.


Steering Wheel Controls :

- By learning, map the function buttons on the steering wheel to the function buttons on the car player.


Radio / Multimedia Playback :

- Built in FM radio module, the sound is clear and the signal is stable.

FM Frequency: 87.5~108 MHz

- Support playback of music / pictures / videos in the multiple formats, such as MP3, MP4, JPG,etc.


Specifications :

- Type: 5inch 1 din Car MP5 player

- Operation System: Window CE

- Screen: 5 inch touch screen

- Resolution: 800*480

- Power: 45W * 4

- Voltage: 12-14.4V

- FM Frequency: FM 87.5 ~ 108 MHz

- Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.1

- Audio Format: MP3 / WMA / AAC / APE / OGG / M4A / RA / WAV

- Video Format: H263 / H264 / H265 / DIVX HD (720P 1080I 1080P) AVI / FLV / MKV / RMVB / MPEG / MP4 / WMV9 / VC / ASF / TS / QT

- Image Format: JPEG / PNG / BMP / GIF / TIFF

- OSN Language: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, French, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Czech, Japanese

⚠️⚠️- Factory Password: 113266



Q: Can this product be fitted to my car?

A: The product can be installed as long as it is the same size as the central control. If you are still not sure, please check the last picture for dimensions & size


Q: Why can't turn on the car radio ?

A: 1.Please check the Voltage of car radio : 12V


2. When you test this car radio,you can combine the red and yellow wires and connect them to the positive side of the power supply.Black line to negative power supply.

3. Replace the same type of insurance to test the car radio.

Note: Please must use our power cables to connect our car radio,it is not possible to insert the original car plug directly into our machine.


Q: Why the car radio will show "No Signal" when we reversing?

A: Please check if the camera's line is properly connected to the car radio.

Note:The video port of rear camera must insert the "CAMIN" port of car radio.


If the screen flickers or 'No signal' appears on the machine, the machine has this problem because the pink wire on the power cord is not connected properly.

First you need to ensure that the car power supply is 12V. Be sure to use the power cord we provide.

The pink wire needs to be connected to the reverse detection wire of the original car. If you don't need the reversing image, you need to wrap the pink wire separately. 


Package Includes :

1 X New SW160c 1 Din Audio Head Unit 

1 X New Instruction Manual

2 X New Power cord

1 X New Remote control

1 X New Reverse Camera

1 X New Microphone 

1 X New Set of RCA Cables and connecting wires

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